Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The City of Victoria selects Barbara Weaver-Bosson's "Beach Drive Revisited" as a Gift of Art for Morioka Japan

A Gift of Art for Morioka Japan

 On May 18th, 2015, Victoria and Morioka Japan celebrated their 30th Anniversary of the signing of their sister city twinning.

 In April of this year, I was extremely honoured to have Beach Drive Revisited selected by Mayor Lisa Helps and the City of Victoria, as a 30th Anniversary Gift of Art to Mayor Tanifuji and the City of Morioka, Japan. 

  During Mayor Helps Gift of Art presentation.Vic and I had the pleasure of meeting Mayor Tanifuji and Mrs.Tanifuji of Morioka. Having visited Morioka Japan in 1987 and 1989 for an an exhibition of our paintings titled The Bridge, Vic and I were very pleased to meet the delegation from our sister city.

 Here we are in council chambers with Mayor Lisa Helps after the art unveiling and presentation. Mayor Helps eloquently conveyed the importance of the twinning and how friendships grow year by year. 

30th Anniversary Sister City Celebration
Over 30 delegates traveled from Morioka Japan to attend and participate in our city's Victoria Day Parade and Sister City events.

Vic and I were fortunate to meet Ayako Taguchi of Morioka-Victoria Friendship Society and who traveled to Victoria to enjoy the weekend festivities and to attend the dedication of  Morioka's Gift to Victoria - The Friendship Bell. 

Ayako Taguchi and the Friendship Bell


Here is the article in Morioka's newspaper about the unveiling of Beach Drive Revisited. 
 Our friend Hiro Yamazaki and Ayako Taguchi are featured in the article as Hiro Yamazaki tells the story about the very first time he met us and became our translator for my gift of art to our sister city of Morioka in 1987.

 Hiro shows Ayako my 1987 gift of art to Morioka, an original
 water colour painting titled Four Residences, Dallas Road.

For more photos of  May 18th and 19th , 2015 Victoria and Morioka Sister City events
 visit their Facebook page


Beach Drive Revisited

 Beach Drive Revisited
 New Archival Art Prints on Canvas
by Barbara Weaver-Bosson 2014

Gonzales Bay Revisited
 New Archival Art Prints on Canvas
by Barbara Weaver-Bosson 2014

Hello Friends and Art lovers,

  I am so pleased to announce that I have released new canvas art prints of these two nostalgic views of my 1990's Victoria Neighbourhoods.
Gonzales Bay (View From The Terrace ) was painted in 1995 and Beach Drive was painted in 1998 and the prints sold out so fast. 

With the new printing and digital technology I love so much, I have added a few new details to each painting and recreated some pretty fine arts prints on canvas of these favourite viewpoints.

 Beach Drive and Gonzales Bay Revisited Fine Art Giclee art prints on canvas comes in 3 sizes. 

Please visit my website for all the info on my

 Neighbourhood Series Art Prints and Original paintings

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If you don't live here in Victoria B.C., my art print galleries will be very happy to ship any of my art prints to you world wide.

 Please contact me through my website of you have any questions about my new art prints on canvas.

Springtime, Gonzales Bay

Springtime, Gonzales Bay
Acrylic painting by Barbara Weaver-Bosson 2008